Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giggling on the floor

I've been REALLY slack with posting things on this blog. In the time away I've been busy trying to get some sort of plan for the futeure going. Chasing up the school, trying to find a job. I now have two assesments to do for school, reading logs and a direction assesment for drama. I plan to finish them then go to University for the next Trimester. I helped out at Wellington High with a reuinion weekend, unpaid.
On friday I got drunk for the first time, this was weird. I tried to remember to take photos but had trouble remembering that I had a plate of sandwiches on my lap. I was unable to stand for long as my inner-ear balance was thrown out of wack really fast. I had quite a bit of fun so maybe after I've recovered a bit I'll try it all again, in like a month, or two.