Monday, June 27, 2011

Well haven't I been productive.

Ok, maybe only semi-productive. I keep meaning to get on with another blog post but I'm never sure what to put in them, It's not like I ever do anything interesting. Stuff has happened to me recently and I seem to have some plans for the future but none if it ever seemed worth putting on my blog.

Victoria University it seems is daft enough to accept me into thier Certificate of Uni Prep, which means after July 11th I'll be a full-time uni student taking four courses designed to make me fir for tertiary education. I'm excited and oh so nervous because if I get less than a B grade average it'll just be a waste of money and I'll fail the course.

I had my third attempt at the learners theory driving test and I passed. It was nerve-wracking as I got the last question wrong and thought I had failed the test. Major shock to the system to see the green "Passed" on that screen. So now I have a little plastic card that "Officially" says I'm 18 and allows me to drive a car with a full lisense holder in the passenger seat only if I'm wearing my glasses. $400 fine if I forget them... The picture is also two years old but luckily I haven't changed much in two years.

My old kitchen has been demolished by my Dad and his best friend and the builders have built most of the framing and looks like we'll have a room with water and gas in just three weeks or so. I never thought construction could move so quickly.

I'm still meeting up with Corey and Treble every week to lift weights (Yes, the idea of me lifting weights is preposterous). Jayden comes too now and makes me even more inadequate. I'm increasing my weights though, I now lift 10kgs + the bar and increase to 17.5. It's not a lot but it's impressive for me.

Everyone's breaks are starting now and my best mate Sam is coming back from Oz. Can't wait to see him and I hope can manage not to party too hard when we see each other, or maybe we will party hard and worry about the consequences later :P