Monday, October 17, 2011

Down the rabbit hole.

So, in my last post I mentioned the Big Halloween.
I went down to Capital E and spoke with one of the organisers. It seems there is heaps of room for actors and they are having the event inside and outside of capital E. They need people to dress up as some characters and wandering around the crowds as their character, also some fixed position roles in the maze or tea party. It's all Alice in wonderland related and the costumes are being done with the costume cave. Sounds like a good chance to catch up one of cousins who works as a manager there.

All thats left for now with CUP is the two exams this week and the BBQ. Social scienece and BBQ on thursday and Maths on friday. Gonna try and get some study done this week.

Tomorrow I'm going to go lift weights at Corey's. Hopefully Treble turns up as well as Jayden. It's going to be good to get back into some old routines.

Post any ideas for posts that you'd like to see, prehaps ask me some questions that I'll answer in the next post. Lets turn this into a semi-Formspring like thing :D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Out the other side

So I remembered that I had a blog.
"Stating the obvious there" you may say but lately I been having troubles remembering what day comes after the next. I'm nearly finished with uni for the year and boy has been interesting. I feel so drained and this was just the prep course for just one trimester. I dread to think what next year with three Law papers, two Psych, a Stats, Theatre and Film paper will do to me.

Anyway I've fiddling with my layout and will hopefully be posting some new stuff up here as I do it. examples of things to come are

My CUP (Certificate of University Preperation) results.
Big Halloween: I might be performing in Capital E's Big Halloween
The great Job hunt.
Film projects with friends (Might not happen but I'll say so on this)
Social events (I plan to spend lots more time with friends in a couple of weeks
Games (Yeah I might post some stuff on games over summer. My summer not the american summer)
And of course I love my food so expect some stuff on that!

If there's anything else you want to post, any questions you have for me, ask me in the comments!

Love you all!