Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's nearly 2012, time to update.

It's that limbo period between Christmas and New Years. It's been quite a long time since I updated, since my last post I completed my CUP course and since then haven't really done anything of note. With CUP, I ended up doing really well passing all my courses with more than a B and Maths with an amazing A+. A+ in Maths! I even got an award for it as top in the maths class.

Since then I've been chilling with friends, playing games and hating the summer heat. I hate summer. Just can't handle warm tempretures, this sucks because I love spicy food but all spicy food originates from hot countries.

Christmas was pleasent though, even though I hate the heat I can appreciate a few days with blue skies, light breezes and the quiet valley of Island Bay. For christmas I was surprised with a new laptop, nothing fancy but perfect for my full-on year at Uni next year.

Ok, I keeping most of this breif because it's been a while since it's all happened over a long period. Now I have my laptop I plan to blog more often, maybe set a goal of every couple of days. This may mean that some of the posts will be short and unrelated to what I did that day.

I'm thinking of doing more food related posts, afterall it's my blog and writing about food is what I enjoy. You can expect some game posts too. Food and Games, prehaps that should be the title of my blog.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Down the rabbit hole.

So, in my last post I mentioned the Big Halloween.
I went down to Capital E and spoke with one of the organisers. It seems there is heaps of room for actors and they are having the event inside and outside of capital E. They need people to dress up as some characters and wandering around the crowds as their character, also some fixed position roles in the maze or tea party. It's all Alice in wonderland related and the costumes are being done with the costume cave. Sounds like a good chance to catch up one of cousins who works as a manager there.

All thats left for now with CUP is the two exams this week and the BBQ. Social scienece and BBQ on thursday and Maths on friday. Gonna try and get some study done this week.

Tomorrow I'm going to go lift weights at Corey's. Hopefully Treble turns up as well as Jayden. It's going to be good to get back into some old routines.

Post any ideas for posts that you'd like to see, prehaps ask me some questions that I'll answer in the next post. Lets turn this into a semi-Formspring like thing :D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Out the other side

So I remembered that I had a blog.
"Stating the obvious there" you may say but lately I been having troubles remembering what day comes after the next. I'm nearly finished with uni for the year and boy has been interesting. I feel so drained and this was just the prep course for just one trimester. I dread to think what next year with three Law papers, two Psych, a Stats, Theatre and Film paper will do to me.

Anyway I've fiddling with my layout and will hopefully be posting some new stuff up here as I do it. examples of things to come are

My CUP (Certificate of University Preperation) results.
Big Halloween: I might be performing in Capital E's Big Halloween
The great Job hunt.
Film projects with friends (Might not happen but I'll say so on this)
Social events (I plan to spend lots more time with friends in a couple of weeks
Games (Yeah I might post some stuff on games over summer. My summer not the american summer)
And of course I love my food so expect some stuff on that!

If there's anything else you want to post, any questions you have for me, ask me in the comments!

Love you all!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Well, I guess inconsiderate assholes can have their night. I'll just do my Uni research and have an early night, going to bed between nine and ten. Like every other boring night of my life.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Well haven't I been productive.

Ok, maybe only semi-productive. I keep meaning to get on with another blog post but I'm never sure what to put in them, It's not like I ever do anything interesting. Stuff has happened to me recently and I seem to have some plans for the future but none if it ever seemed worth putting on my blog.

Victoria University it seems is daft enough to accept me into thier Certificate of Uni Prep, which means after July 11th I'll be a full-time uni student taking four courses designed to make me fir for tertiary education. I'm excited and oh so nervous because if I get less than a B grade average it'll just be a waste of money and I'll fail the course.

I had my third attempt at the learners theory driving test and I passed. It was nerve-wracking as I got the last question wrong and thought I had failed the test. Major shock to the system to see the green "Passed" on that screen. So now I have a little plastic card that "Officially" says I'm 18 and allows me to drive a car with a full lisense holder in the passenger seat only if I'm wearing my glasses. $400 fine if I forget them... The picture is also two years old but luckily I haven't changed much in two years.

My old kitchen has been demolished by my Dad and his best friend and the builders have built most of the framing and looks like we'll have a room with water and gas in just three weeks or so. I never thought construction could move so quickly.

I'm still meeting up with Corey and Treble every week to lift weights (Yes, the idea of me lifting weights is preposterous). Jayden comes too now and makes me even more inadequate. I'm increasing my weights though, I now lift 10kgs + the bar and increase to 17.5. It's not a lot but it's impressive for me.

Everyone's breaks are starting now and my best mate Sam is coming back from Oz. Can't wait to see him and I hope can manage not to party too hard when we see each other, or maybe we will party hard and worry about the consequences later :P

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giggling on the floor

I've been REALLY slack with posting things on this blog. In the time away I've been busy trying to get some sort of plan for the futeure going. Chasing up the school, trying to find a job. I now have two assesments to do for school, reading logs and a direction assesment for drama. I plan to finish them then go to University for the next Trimester. I helped out at Wellington High with a reuinion weekend, unpaid.
On friday I got drunk for the first time, this was weird. I tried to remember to take photos but had trouble remembering that I had a plate of sandwiches on my lap. I was unable to stand for long as my inner-ear balance was thrown out of wack really fast. I had quite a bit of fun so maybe after I've recovered a bit I'll try it all again, in like a month, or two.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It is only ham!

Friends used to be one the biggest things in my life but due to my plans for the year all falling in on themselves, I only see people once a week or so. I've started joining Corey and Treble in their weightlifting and general manly activities. Last Tuesday I pushed myself to my limit and my arms still hurt. I'm a pathetic little weakling.

This weekend is an exciting one for me, Armaggedon, pop expo has come to Wellington. It's actually quite pathetic compared to other expos around the world and has had the gaming pumped out of it. That means you see more Anime and Manga taking it's place. Still, the nerd in me loves this weekend and one day I'll actually dress up in something so very obscure, like Lord Nerevar. :D

I guess I'll be spending the weekend with Corey and I'm so very excited to catch up with my other good mates. Like Indya, the best artist I know and my closest female friend. She bullies me, I let her, it's a good relationship. Floyd, the nicest guy I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, he's pretty massive and part maori so he could easily be a massive prick but he manages to be gentle-awesome-nice. Treble and his Girlfriend will be there later so I'm keen to catch up her and share some disturbing stories. There are also many other friends going so I'm like so eager I may just take a nap.

Sadly Jayden's not coming but that's because he doesn't really enjoy the drawing side of things that has taken over the gaming side of things. We're sort of similar in views, I'm just more of a sucker for punishment than he is. I'm hoping we're going to hang out soon, pull an all-nighter, eat junk, play Heavy Rain. The food I've had a Jayden's usually defies description, we are mages meddling with things that should not be meddled with in his kitchen. We nearly lost our minds one time when the Ham on our cheese on toast was of the same mass if not bigger. Then we slathered it with relish. The Ham still haunts me. The Ham.

I'll try and remember to take my camera this weekend and post masses of pictures! maybe throw something really budget together as a costume.

Praise Azura.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Still Alive

I've kinda been in a slump the last two weeks, so blogging has been non-existant. I'm back and still un-employed. I've been helping my Dad with preparing our house for the demolition of our kitchen, a scary glass-roofed, rotting room that freezes in winter, leaks when it rains, howls when the wind blows and turns into a greenhouse in the summer. By the end of April it will be all gone and building of the new kitchen will commence. I'm very excited for the new kitchen, in particular the lino floor as I'm sick of getting splinters from the weet-bix board floor.

It looks like I'm going to take a course or two at Uni next trimester but first I have to make sure I can get in. This means taking some papers at high school if they'll let me to get University Entrance. My other option is to take a course of preparation at Victoria University. I have some decisions to make, and I have to make them soon.

To bring things back on a lighter note, I've started lifting small weights after being inspired by a visit to Corey's house last week and watching him and Treble lift more than I possibly could. If I don't start working on this, Treble will be able to break out of my death-grip.

Today I gave making a Mee Goreng a go and it turned out quite well, I took photo's of the process so if you folks at home want you can make one too.

These were all the ingredients I used: Noodles, Bean Curd (Deep fried tofu), Fish cake, bean sprouts, onions, eggs, lemon (Wouldn't recomend the lemon), Oil (Ghee is probably better), Soy Sauce, Tomato Sauce (I'd recomend a spicier sauce than watties, or at least find something less sweet), chilli powder and Tumeric powder.

I put the noodles on to cook with some oil and salt, this was only because I used dried pasta but if you have fresh noodles than this step should be skipped.

Next I prepared all the other ingredients, sliced the onions roughly, sliced the fish cake and bean curd into edible pieces, lightly beat the eggs, and just got the bean sprouts out of the bag.

I started on the sauce paste, I had less chilli than the 2 tbsp's I needed so I added some chilli flakes.

Next I added 1 tbsp of tumeric, 1 tbsp of soy sauce and 3 tbsp's of tomato sauce. After mixing that up I added 1 tbsp of water.

The noodles are done so it's time to start frying.

After waiting 'till the the wok was "Smoking hot" I added 4 tbsp's of oil and then the onions. I love the smell of frying onions.

Next I added the sauce paste and let it reduce and thicken.

Next I added the noodles and coated them in the sauce and let the fry for a while.

I added the sprouts, bean curd and fish cake, I let those fry while tossing them around getting it all well mixed.

I pushed all the goreng (Fry) to oe side and poured the egg into the hole after added some more oil.

Cover the egg with the noodles and leave for about a minute to let the egg actually cook.

I tossed the whole mixture together, I broke up the egg and fried for about three more minutes.

I quickly ran outside and grabbed a sprig onion, chopped it up and sprinkled it on top. You may noticed I left out the lemon, that was because it tasted kinda bad. Don't add lemon juice. Just don't. In the end it was quite tasty but the spices weren't right and watties sauce gave it a sweet taste that really wasn't right.

Amateur chef, out!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kratos likes to kill things

So my day didn't end with my lovely lunch, actually it was just the beginning of my day. After giving out two free hugs in town my confidence was boosted and felt bubblier and happier.

I went to Jayden's house later that day and met up with Treble and Corey and started to help the set up of the night’s events. When I got there, Jayden was confused by the TV he wanted to unplug seeming to have no cord for the power. It had power; we just couldn't work out where the power was coming from. Others started to arrive and I helped bring the Pc's, monitors and cables in. We were setting up for a LAN party.

Everyone but Me, Corey and Treble had brought at least one pc(Corey and Treble with their Macs, my pc being too large and my inability to move it), Corey and Treble set up Jayden's Ps3 and proceeded to play Little Big Planet with a "No Slap pact". The pact didn't last long because once they started a level with trains being the safe platforms over electrical floors and ceilings. Corey had great fun killing Treble with slaps. I hurt myself laughing at the image and Treble's protests.

The rest of the night was a haze of games, Single player and Multi player, but it was while Treble played God of War 3 I realised how much Kratos has lost all sense of humanity and really just enjoyed murdering people. That could have just been Treble's playing style.

Just a little recap of what I've been up to. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch some TV with my folks.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meow and KK

The celebration of my Dad's friend's Birthday was pretty awesome. I was still feeling quite down and tired when we got there and had made the foolish mistake of brushing my teeth with plenty of toothpaste before leaving. The reason it was foolish was once I got there I was thirsty (I'm kinda always thirsty) so I decided to try a Phoenix cola with honey in it. Honey Cola they called it. It was nice but the toothpaste made it taste weird. It seems me and the rest of the family turned up early and was sharing the table with a bunch of people that were not part of the party. About this point I realised how tired I was. The next hour or so was just me having a non-sweet non-gingery ginger beer, looking at old photos of the birthday boy and chatting to people.

Then it came time to order dinner, I hadn't been really interested in anything on the menu as I'm a Asian food, spice freak. When put on the spot I decided to try the beef steak. IT WAS AMAZING! A good inch and a half think but cooked perfectly, it came on a sweet potato rosti and had tomato and mushroom on top. That was a good meal.

By now some people were starting get a bit drunk and I joined into a conversation with a College teacher at Aotea College who has a band that couldn't play that night due a lack of drummer. When I asked what type of music they play he told me it was "Genre defying" "progressive" and finally settled on "Surf Prog".

I didn't understand this but he explained that it was Surf music and Prog rock. So, a bit strange.

The band that did play was apparently a punk band but was an aged band that sounded more country-ish at first.

All in all it was a pretty cool night. Meow does not serve cat.

Today I caught with few mates and went to favourite restaurant, KK Malaysian. (Again, Asian food, spice freak) Me, Corey, Nathan, Jayden and Treble all caught up and explained to each other what we have been up to.

From left to right: Me, Treble, Corey

Nathan, cool as ever!

I also decided to take photos of all the awesome food we got too!

Nathan got himself a Roti Chanai and said he enjoyed it. Look at all that Roti!

Treble is was the least adventurous with his fried chicken but hey, can't begrudge a guy for liking chicken.

Corey got confused and ordered number 29. He couldn't remember the name of it. (It was Wan Tan Hor)

"How do I eat this?"

I was the fatty of the group and got myself the delectable Mee Goreng...

...and Spring rolls. :D

Jayden was late and ordered himself a Char Kuey Teow.
All in all, most of us had a good lunch, a good chat and I satisfied my craving for spicy noodles for the time being.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I hate sleepless nights

Yeah, I couldn't sleep last night and that has put me in a horrible mood for the whole day. Woke up sore and had a shower that competed with the washing machine. Not a great start. My day didn't really progress from there but it also didn't go downhill. Things should pick up as I'm going with the Family to a restaurant called Meow for my Dad's friends 50th. Whether or not they serve cat will be discovered.

Tomorrow I'm going to catch up my mates and go to my favourite restaurant, KK Malaysia!
I'm extremely keen for this and have been planning it for weeks.

Any this is going to be a short post because I believe we will be leaving for the Cat restaurant soon!

Stay classy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I made a Sandwich

Actually I made two and stacked them on each other. One was ham and Lettuce, the other was Tuna, mayo and spring onion. Both were very tasty. That has been the high point of my day, apart from playing a little bit of Dark Crusade.

Yesterday I handed in an application form at my local Supermarket, I had planned to meet up with one of my best mates, Jayden, and eat microwave popcorn that I had picked up at the Supermarket before leaving. Sadly he wasn't home so I drank the rest of my V Iced coffee (Quite nice by the way) and drew a Dino-Guar before leaving. Apparently it is quite sad to sit on someone's doorstep for forty minutes but I'm sure he'll forgive me.

I then popped into Corey’s place because he lives quite close by, He wasn't home either but I had a good chat with his brother and showed him the Dino-Guar. He thought it was brilliant and could "Blow Treble out of the water".
Treble is a friend of mine who I torment and tease constantly; I know he loves me though. I'm saying "treble" because he has issues with me using his real name on the internet. He likes to draw me and my closest friends into Web comic called "Comic Book Book" I'm the second favourite according to his fans! That tickles my ego something nice.

So today and yesterday were pretty much flops, not much happened and I lost some of the respect of my friends. Right now I'd like some ideas for a title for my Blog. If you like picture of me shouting Morrowind I recommend you look Corey’s Deviantart. Yeah, my friends are talented. Should I post my Dino-Guar? Also to the friends I have been mentioning, is it alright if I just use your names?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Japanese noodles

A good friend of mine went over to Japan on a school trip before he left to live in Australia, I actually miss him terribly. Sam come home! Any way I made the noodles and took photos as well. Somewhere between some and lots of photos.

These noodles apeared to be made by Yahoo and came with a sauce packet.

There was a whole lot of dehydrated meat and vegetables as well as some powder that smelled quite savoury when I added the water and the sauce.

These noodles were VERY tasty and most definately beef flavoured. I usually avoid dried meat/veges due to the scariness of thier apearance. They just don't seem normal. The meat and veges in these noodles were really nice as far as dry mystery meat goes. I kinda got sick of these by the end though.

These appeared to be curry Udon noodles with a powder packet, sauce packet and dried veges. I like Udon noodles so I was really looking forward to these.

I took the noodles out and added the packets to the bottom of the cup. While I was waiting for the water to boil the smell attracted my sister and good friend. It seemed I had to share, It was tough because the boy they smelled good.

All the forks...

Okay, these were AMAZING! I didn't even mind sharing in the end, I was happy just smelling and eating them. If you've ever had a good asian curry then you will know what these were like. I really wish I could find more of these ones.

I love noodles and these were some of the best. Of course my favourite noodles of all time were these spicy shrimp flavoured noodles my school cafe sold for a time. I can't remember the brand sadly so all I can do is keep an eye out.

I'm writing a blog

It seems I'm not doing anything else at the moment. Life's not bad but not good either, the only excitment I get at the moment is from food. Today I made Pancakes and discovered adding melted butter to the batter makes tastier pancakes. That's not exactly exciting but the red food colouring I added was for about ten minutes.

All my mates are in University and other courses and my course was a flop. I was trying to get into a drama group of young actors that actually put on shows for the public. Sadly I didn't get in. So all my friends are busy and I have not much to do but make pink pancakes with more butter than should be allowed.

At an attempt to seem slightly productive, I might just start blogging more. Most of what I'll blog will seem boring and badly worded but it might just make me feel better. Hey maybe I'll get popular! It'd be nice to have more than two followers anyway. Considering food is the most interesting thing in my life maybe I'll post my culinary exploits, WITH PHOTOS! So prepare for posts about games, my best mates, food and whatever else I do with my day.