Thursday, April 7, 2011

It is only ham!

Friends used to be one the biggest things in my life but due to my plans for the year all falling in on themselves, I only see people once a week or so. I've started joining Corey and Treble in their weightlifting and general manly activities. Last Tuesday I pushed myself to my limit and my arms still hurt. I'm a pathetic little weakling.

This weekend is an exciting one for me, Armaggedon, pop expo has come to Wellington. It's actually quite pathetic compared to other expos around the world and has had the gaming pumped out of it. That means you see more Anime and Manga taking it's place. Still, the nerd in me loves this weekend and one day I'll actually dress up in something so very obscure, like Lord Nerevar. :D

I guess I'll be spending the weekend with Corey and I'm so very excited to catch up with my other good mates. Like Indya, the best artist I know and my closest female friend. She bullies me, I let her, it's a good relationship. Floyd, the nicest guy I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, he's pretty massive and part maori so he could easily be a massive prick but he manages to be gentle-awesome-nice. Treble and his Girlfriend will be there later so I'm keen to catch up her and share some disturbing stories. There are also many other friends going so I'm like so eager I may just take a nap.

Sadly Jayden's not coming but that's because he doesn't really enjoy the drawing side of things that has taken over the gaming side of things. We're sort of similar in views, I'm just more of a sucker for punishment than he is. I'm hoping we're going to hang out soon, pull an all-nighter, eat junk, play Heavy Rain. The food I've had a Jayden's usually defies description, we are mages meddling with things that should not be meddled with in his kitchen. We nearly lost our minds one time when the Ham on our cheese on toast was of the same mass if not bigger. Then we slathered it with relish. The Ham still haunts me. The Ham.

I'll try and remember to take my camera this weekend and post masses of pictures! maybe throw something really budget together as a costume.

Praise Azura.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Still Alive

I've kinda been in a slump the last two weeks, so blogging has been non-existant. I'm back and still un-employed. I've been helping my Dad with preparing our house for the demolition of our kitchen, a scary glass-roofed, rotting room that freezes in winter, leaks when it rains, howls when the wind blows and turns into a greenhouse in the summer. By the end of April it will be all gone and building of the new kitchen will commence. I'm very excited for the new kitchen, in particular the lino floor as I'm sick of getting splinters from the weet-bix board floor.

It looks like I'm going to take a course or two at Uni next trimester but first I have to make sure I can get in. This means taking some papers at high school if they'll let me to get University Entrance. My other option is to take a course of preparation at Victoria University. I have some decisions to make, and I have to make them soon.

To bring things back on a lighter note, I've started lifting small weights after being inspired by a visit to Corey's house last week and watching him and Treble lift more than I possibly could. If I don't start working on this, Treble will be able to break out of my death-grip.

Today I gave making a Mee Goreng a go and it turned out quite well, I took photo's of the process so if you folks at home want you can make one too.

These were all the ingredients I used: Noodles, Bean Curd (Deep fried tofu), Fish cake, bean sprouts, onions, eggs, lemon (Wouldn't recomend the lemon), Oil (Ghee is probably better), Soy Sauce, Tomato Sauce (I'd recomend a spicier sauce than watties, or at least find something less sweet), chilli powder and Tumeric powder.

I put the noodles on to cook with some oil and salt, this was only because I used dried pasta but if you have fresh noodles than this step should be skipped.

Next I prepared all the other ingredients, sliced the onions roughly, sliced the fish cake and bean curd into edible pieces, lightly beat the eggs, and just got the bean sprouts out of the bag.

I started on the sauce paste, I had less chilli than the 2 tbsp's I needed so I added some chilli flakes.

Next I added 1 tbsp of tumeric, 1 tbsp of soy sauce and 3 tbsp's of tomato sauce. After mixing that up I added 1 tbsp of water.

The noodles are done so it's time to start frying.

After waiting 'till the the wok was "Smoking hot" I added 4 tbsp's of oil and then the onions. I love the smell of frying onions.

Next I added the sauce paste and let it reduce and thicken.

Next I added the noodles and coated them in the sauce and let the fry for a while.

I added the sprouts, bean curd and fish cake, I let those fry while tossing them around getting it all well mixed.

I pushed all the goreng (Fry) to oe side and poured the egg into the hole after added some more oil.

Cover the egg with the noodles and leave for about a minute to let the egg actually cook.

I tossed the whole mixture together, I broke up the egg and fried for about three more minutes.

I quickly ran outside and grabbed a sprig onion, chopped it up and sprinkled it on top. You may noticed I left out the lemon, that was because it tasted kinda bad. Don't add lemon juice. Just don't. In the end it was quite tasty but the spices weren't right and watties sauce gave it a sweet taste that really wasn't right.

Amateur chef, out!