Thursday, March 10, 2011

I made a Sandwich

Actually I made two and stacked them on each other. One was ham and Lettuce, the other was Tuna, mayo and spring onion. Both were very tasty. That has been the high point of my day, apart from playing a little bit of Dark Crusade.

Yesterday I handed in an application form at my local Supermarket, I had planned to meet up with one of my best mates, Jayden, and eat microwave popcorn that I had picked up at the Supermarket before leaving. Sadly he wasn't home so I drank the rest of my V Iced coffee (Quite nice by the way) and drew a Dino-Guar before leaving. Apparently it is quite sad to sit on someone's doorstep for forty minutes but I'm sure he'll forgive me.

I then popped into Corey’s place because he lives quite close by, He wasn't home either but I had a good chat with his brother and showed him the Dino-Guar. He thought it was brilliant and could "Blow Treble out of the water".
Treble is a friend of mine who I torment and tease constantly; I know he loves me though. I'm saying "treble" because he has issues with me using his real name on the internet. He likes to draw me and my closest friends into Web comic called "Comic Book Book" I'm the second favourite according to his fans! That tickles my ego something nice.

So today and yesterday were pretty much flops, not much happened and I lost some of the respect of my friends. Right now I'd like some ideas for a title for my Blog. If you like picture of me shouting Morrowind I recommend you look Corey’s Deviantart. Yeah, my friends are talented. Should I post my Dino-Guar? Also to the friends I have been mentioning, is it alright if I just use your names?


  1. Whales are tasty.
    Also, have you checked all your pockets? You'd be surprised at how easy it is to lose your respect in them.

  2. This brother person you talked to, is it who I think it is?