Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Japanese noodles

A good friend of mine went over to Japan on a school trip before he left to live in Australia, I actually miss him terribly. Sam come home! Any way I made the noodles and took photos as well. Somewhere between some and lots of photos.

These noodles apeared to be made by Yahoo and came with a sauce packet.

There was a whole lot of dehydrated meat and vegetables as well as some powder that smelled quite savoury when I added the water and the sauce.

These noodles were VERY tasty and most definately beef flavoured. I usually avoid dried meat/veges due to the scariness of thier apearance. They just don't seem normal. The meat and veges in these noodles were really nice as far as dry mystery meat goes. I kinda got sick of these by the end though.

These appeared to be curry Udon noodles with a powder packet, sauce packet and dried veges. I like Udon noodles so I was really looking forward to these.

I took the noodles out and added the packets to the bottom of the cup. While I was waiting for the water to boil the smell attracted my sister and good friend. It seemed I had to share, It was tough because the boy they smelled good.

All the forks...

Okay, these were AMAZING! I didn't even mind sharing in the end, I was happy just smelling and eating them. If you've ever had a good asian curry then you will know what these were like. I really wish I could find more of these ones.

I love noodles and these were some of the best. Of course my favourite noodles of all time were these spicy shrimp flavoured noodles my school cafe sold for a time. I can't remember the brand sadly so all I can do is keep an eye out.

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