Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meow and KK

The celebration of my Dad's friend's Birthday was pretty awesome. I was still feeling quite down and tired when we got there and had made the foolish mistake of brushing my teeth with plenty of toothpaste before leaving. The reason it was foolish was once I got there I was thirsty (I'm kinda always thirsty) so I decided to try a Phoenix cola with honey in it. Honey Cola they called it. It was nice but the toothpaste made it taste weird. It seems me and the rest of the family turned up early and was sharing the table with a bunch of people that were not part of the party. About this point I realised how tired I was. The next hour or so was just me having a non-sweet non-gingery ginger beer, looking at old photos of the birthday boy and chatting to people.

Then it came time to order dinner, I hadn't been really interested in anything on the menu as I'm a Asian food, spice freak. When put on the spot I decided to try the beef steak. IT WAS AMAZING! A good inch and a half think but cooked perfectly, it came on a sweet potato rosti and had tomato and mushroom on top. That was a good meal.

By now some people were starting get a bit drunk and I joined into a conversation with a College teacher at Aotea College who has a band that couldn't play that night due a lack of drummer. When I asked what type of music they play he told me it was "Genre defying" "progressive" and finally settled on "Surf Prog".

I didn't understand this but he explained that it was Surf music and Prog rock. So, a bit strange.

The band that did play was apparently a punk band but was an aged band that sounded more country-ish at first.

All in all it was a pretty cool night. Meow does not serve cat.

Today I caught with few mates and went to favourite restaurant, KK Malaysian. (Again, Asian food, spice freak) Me, Corey, Nathan, Jayden and Treble all caught up and explained to each other what we have been up to.

From left to right: Me, Treble, Corey

Nathan, cool as ever!

I also decided to take photos of all the awesome food we got too!

Nathan got himself a Roti Chanai and said he enjoyed it. Look at all that Roti!

Treble is was the least adventurous with his fried chicken but hey, can't begrudge a guy for liking chicken.

Corey got confused and ordered number 29. He couldn't remember the name of it. (It was Wan Tan Hor)

"How do I eat this?"

I was the fatty of the group and got myself the delectable Mee Goreng...

...and Spring rolls. :D

Jayden was late and ordered himself a Char Kuey Teow.
All in all, most of us had a good lunch, a good chat and I satisfied my craving for spicy noodles for the time being.

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